No worship for Grace Alive


by Kesley Gilbert

On Nov. 23, the nondenominational church Grace Alive, located on the west side of Prairie City, gave its last worship hour early that Sunday morning, due to low attendance.
The closing of the ministry held about 20 people, and the final closing decision was taken over by the leadership after a lot of talking and praying.
“When I decided to become stronger in my faith, I made the decision to go to this church because I knew that the people there were all very strong in their faith and the Bible was preached,” said Bruce Gilbert, who has been going to the church for two years. “I will miss the small group atmosphere and the relationships that I have made.”
Tears and hugs were shared as the worshipers gave their last thanks to God in that church. Prayers sent out, and questions were asked of where the few families who attended would now go.
“It was a great honor to be an Elder at Grace Alive for the last six and a half years and to be in the pulpit for five and a half years.  I have grown tremendously as a Minister of the Word of God and it was a great honor to be ordained by the church last year.” said Pastor of Grace Alive, Jeremy Shepherd. “This whole thing has been a humbling process and one that I put a lot on my shoulders, so I felt I let everyone down when we had to close the doors, but I know that is not the case and that God has used these last years to grow my love for people and for the Word of God.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Grace Alive and all the people that attended.”
The church has been a strong part of the Prairie City community for over 40 years and now the building will be either taken over by another religious group or auctioned off. The church was founded by Verlin Pulver and Marvin Pulver. Those who attend and run the church wish for it to not remain empty and instead be taken over by another religious group who will breath the true word of God into their practices. The building will remain as it is for another six months, before anything is done to it.
“I used to go there for Vacation Bible School in the summer when I was little, and we used to do so many fun things,” senior Brooke Matson said. “I didn’t go there as I grew up, and it changed slightly. There was a lot of really good people from our community who went there, and it makes me sad to know it’s not going to be there anymore.”
The question of where to attend now, especially during the holiday season, may be asked, but the worshippers remain strong with their faith.