Visiting next four years

by Graham Davis

With the 2014-15 school year almost halfway over, seniors and juniors are rushing to choose their right college. That process is very hard, and includes things like tuition, admission and the feel of campus. To get used to this process, students can do many things. But one of the most important things about this process is the campus visit.
“I think that it is an important part to meet with an admissions counselor and get on the campus to see what it is like and form an impression,” Guidance Counselor Mrs. Casey McMurray said.
Juniors and seniors are allowed two campus visits per year.  These are not carried over, meaning if the student does not use his or her two in one year, they may not take four in one year. These campus visits give lots of insight into the college, and if you would find yourself fitting in and having a fun four years. Taking these visits could very well give you the deciding factor about that college.
“I liked seeing the dorms to see what it would be like living there,” senior Charity Ingle said. “I also liked seeing how big the campus was and how friendly everyone was there.”
These campus visits give students a look into their next four years of their future.