Students prepare for ACT

by Tyler Foster

Every student with hope to attend a college will at some point take the ACT, a standardized test that assesses  your knowledge in areas such as, math, science and reading.
“When you’re preparing for the ACT, you need to take it seriously. I definitely would suggest getting a person to help you study like Mrs. Grier, or get a booklet on the ACT from Mrs. McMurray,” senior Tanner Wilkie said.
The school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Casey McMurray, said, “I encourage students to take advantage of the teachers who do prep with students as well as take the practice test.”
Students generally take this test in nearby towns like Newton or on the Central College campus in Pella. There are a few test dates available for these places, and they usually will have a good-sized crowd there to take it.
McMurray added, “PCM has a good reputation with this test. Many admission counselors are encouraging and comment on the great group of kids we have. I have never heard a negative comment, which is why I believe they keep coming back.”
An average score for the test is said to be 21, which is the lowest score most colleges take. There are ways to get around having a bad score, though. Some colleges have a system called RAI (Regent Admission Index). This has a special formula that combines your ACT score, class rank, completed classes and high school GPA.
Science Teacher at PCM Mrs. Kristen Souza added why she helps kids study for the test. “I want to do this because when I was in high school I never had the chance to get the help I needed to properly study. The booklet and some of the other things available were way too expensive.”
Right now you can find help from either of the two. Souza offers a morning ACT prep at 7:45 a.m., on Thursdays. Mrs. Jacki Grier has taken in students too, for help from her you will need to contact her.