New technology brings new opportunity to school

by Logan Gilman

The 2014-15 school year has brought changes to the PCM High School and Middle School, in the form of new laptops. The four-year lease the school had on last year’s laptops was up, and it was time for a change. The School Board voted to get brand new sleek and stylish MacBook Airs for all students.
District Technology Director Sean Balzer said, “After the consideration of many different options, we found that the Macbook Air fit the needs of PCM the best. We surveyed a number of districts around us and found they had also chose this option and were happy with the computers’ durability, speed and opportunities that will be available for students to use.”
Students have an overall positive review of the new laptops. Junior Josh Rexroat said, “They make homework easier. They’re pretty much the same, which makes it easier ‘cause we didn’t have to transition to a way different computer system.”
While some students like the laptops, there are a few students who have more of a mixed review. Junior Karina Van Dyke said, “They’re small, but the battery lasts longer.”
So far this school year, the laptops have been very popular among the students and faculty. Balzer said, “The computers are about three times as fast as the previous machines. Due to their lightweight design, they make it very portable for students to carry around school. Most importantly, the battery life has significantly improved.”