SOTM: November 2021


Tyler Kuecker (Left) and Delaney Baird (Right)

Name : Tyler Kuecker
Nickname : Ty
Parents : Troy and Julie Kuecker
Employer(s) : Midland
Future Plans : Computer Engineering at Iowa State

Extracurricular Activities : Football and Soccer
Three words that describe me : Hardworking, Outgoing, Charismatic
Favorite Classes : Science and History
Advice for underclassmen : Live in the moment because as kids we looked forward to and dreamed about being this age. Also, go out of your way to make someone else’s day!
Best high school memory : Acquiring a football sign from West Marshal last year with the boys
Dream job : Creating my own business, Astronaut
Favorite book : The Outsiders
Favorite movie : Dazed and Confused

Favorite Musician/Band : Wu Tang Clan


Name : Delaney Baird
Nickname : Laney
Parents : Carrie and Aaron Baird
Employer(s) : Jersey Freeze
Future Plans : Attend University of Iowa

Extracurricular Activities : Dance Team, Studio Dance, Student Government, Track, XC, NHS
Three words that describe me : Hardworking, Fun, Outgoing
Favorite Classes : Spanish and History
Advice for underclassmen : Work hard and have fun, it goes fast
Best high school memory : Going to State Track
Dream job : Flight Attendant
Favorite book : The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite movie : Pitch Perfect

Favorite Musician/Band : Katy Perry