Eleigh’s Spooktacular Story


In the past my teacher, Mrs. Grett had told our class about a student of hers who had died of an unknown illness and how around every halloween she can feel him around her. She would try and scare us by telling us how she could feel his presence. The student’s name was Austin Grundy. Austin was a junior in high school when he had found out about his illness. He was locked in a hospital for most of his junior year. Every chance that Mrs. Grett could get she would go visit Austin and give him all of the assignments that he was missing. He loved her visits. Sadly, he passed away the day before his senior year started. Mrs. Grett was devastated but she eventually moved on and focused on her job and other students.
The morning started off normal. I woke up early to go to morning band and then after first period I headed over to my Mrs. Grett’s class: Journalism. While I walked into the class I could tell that something was off. The smell of the room was overwhelming. It smelt like if an old person had stayed in the room overnight and forgot to spray febreeze. Even though it was strong, I ignored it, and sat down in my spot. Today was just a work day for the class, so I started to write my article for the week. All of sudden, a stack of papers crashed to the floor and Mrs. Grett screamed. She then turned around and saw a black figure standing over her. The figure had beating red eyes and had the figure of the boy from her class so long ago. She looked at my class and remembered how today was the 10 year anniversary of his death and usually every year she would go visit him but this year she forgot.
The boy was angry, so angry that he started to throw things. First he threw the stapler, then the cameras, finally he picked up Grett’s desk and threw it at Mrs. Grett. It then smashed into her and instead of dying she absorbed the boy’s spirit. She arose from the ground and started yelling.
“GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!” she yelled. The whole class then ran out of the room screaming, and Mrs. Grett followed them. Throughout the highschool you could hear screaming while she tore through the hallways. That day was the last day of school for PCM ever. Since then, PCM High School has been haunted by the spirit of Austin Grundy and Mrs. Grett. People say that if you go into the school between the hours of 8 and 4 you can hear Mrs. Grett teaching in her classroom as you go by.