by Logan Gilman

The majority of people travel to warm, tropical places on their spring breaks. They go on cruises, or go to beaches. While those activities are great, sometimes you can have the most fun helping others. I had the best spring break of my life this year, traveling down to Mission, Texas, with 60 other high school students from PCM for a mission trip.
The ride down was long: 13 people in a 15-passenger van for 24 hours is trying, to say the least. But the drive was well worth the experience. It’s humbling to see how some of the people in Mission live. They wear the same clothes for a week straight before washing them and have maybe one soccer ball for a toy. All the things we take for granted — they don’t.
I will remember the trip forever, but he most memorable thing was when we basically dry walled a whole house in an hour and a half. If you can imagine 30-some people all in a house, running around with limited tools and limited lighting working together as one, that’s what it was like. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been a part of. The family was going to be able to sleep in the house that night, and that’s when we step back and say, “Whoa, that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re doing this.” Seeing the thankful expressions on their faces is something I’ll never forget.
We went down to Mission to change the people’s lives for the better, not knowing that they were changing ours more. Even though they have almost nothing compared to us, they are still the happiest people I’ve ever met. Even though they have hardly any money, they never hesitate to buy us drinks or cook us dinner. They never think twice about giving — that’s how we all should be.
Not only was this trip life changing, but it was also inspiring. Seeing the joy that we can spread with just a simple smile, or the way a group of people can make a difference: Inspiring is the only word for it. Seeing life-long friends come to Christ for the first time and knowing that their lives are forever changed for the better is a perfect feeling, seeing how God is working with us and through us. It starts a fire in us, a fire that you want to spread to others.
If you ever get the chance to go on a mission trip, or to help others in your community in the smallest way, I hope that without hesitation you do. Even just a smile and a wave could change somebody’s day. I encourage you to be a light to everyone you encounter. You never know what could happen for the people you’re helping, or yourself.