SOTM: April 2015


Name: Maverick McAtee
Nickname: Mav
Parents: Monique and J.R. Reese, Scott McAtee
Employer: Keuning Farms
Future Plans: Attend the University of Iowa and major in athletic training or human physiology
Extracurricular Activities: Football, basketball and track
Three Words That Describe Me: Respectful, Optimistic, Loyal
Favorite Classes: 1st period study hall, anatomy and physiology and spanish IV
Advice for Underclassmen: Work smart, have fun
Best High School Memory: Storming the court at substate basketball after beating West Marshall in 2012
Dream Job: Professional runner
Favorite Book: Beowulf
Favorite Movie: “Star Wars”
Favorite Musician/Band: The Eagles

Name: Kesley Gilbert
Nicknames: Kes, Lucy Goose
Parents: Bruce and Cheryl Gilbert
Employer: Greenacres Unlimited
Future Plans: Attend DMACC in the fall, then transfer for a degree in english or journalism
Extracurricular Activities: Journalism
Three Words That Describe Me: Kind, forgetful and creative
Favorite Classes: Journalism, british literature and sociology
Advice for Underclassmen: Never be afraid to speak, you are only as loud as the words you choose to say.
Best High School Memory: Going on a trip through Europe with a group from school
Dream Job: Author
Favorite Book: “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult
Favorite Movie: “Water For Elephants”
Favorite Musician/Band: The Beatles