PCM track and field throwers

Most people do not pay much attention to the throwers on the boys’ and the girls’ track teams. During the season they will practice their form, which includes their footing and release of the discus or shot-put. Most throwers will focus on beating their own personal records while competing against other teams. At most meets, field events will start 30 minutes before running events. This year the boys have 11 throwers and the girls have eight throwers. At meets, there are usually two or three varsity throwers and a few people on junior varsity. Sophomore Gavin VanBaale and Junior Viola Humpal are only a few of the varsity throwers.
Gavin VanBaale participates in discus, shot-put and the junior varsity 4×100. There is a 4×100 that is dedicated to the throwers.
“I participate in discus, sometimes shot-put, and a jv 4×100,” VanBaale said.
Viola Humpal only participates in discus and shot-put on the girls’ track team.
“For throwing, I participate in discus and shot-put for the varsity team,” Humpal said.
VanBaale’s favorite part of a track meet is being able to eat anything after he finishes throwing. Sometimes his mother will bring him a lot of snacks to make sure that he is in a good mood before he gets home.
“Eating food at track meets is probably my favorite thing to do after I am done throwing!” VanBaale said.
Humpal’s favorite part of the track meet is hanging out with all of the girls on the team while cheering on the runners. Having support during a race or field event is one of the best things to happen at a meet.
“Hanging with all of the girls is probably my favorite part of track!” Humpal said.
VanBaale’s least favorite part about track is the very cold weather. He has to sit in the weather for the whole meet to cheer on his teammates.
“I do not like freezing at the meet after I am done throwing,” VanBaale said.
Her least favorite part about track is feeling stressed before throwing in the meet. Most people before the meet stress about how well they will run or throw. They see all of their competition when they arrive at the meet and have to think about what they need to do to score points.
“My least favorite part about track is feeling stressed before a meet,” Humpal said.
Humpal thinks that the girls’ track team is doing really well this year. They have placed second at most of their meets. She thinks that she has grown since freshman year.
“I feel like we are doing really well this year, and personally I have grown a lot since freshman year.”
Her future plans for throwing are to finish high school, but not to continue in college. She will be focusing more on her music career.
“I plan on throwing again next year, but in college I think I’m just going to focus on my music.”
Good luck to all of the boys’ and girls’ track teams in the rest of the season.











Photo credit – Jamie Steenhoek