SOTM: April 2021


Abby Van Ryswyk (Left) and Carson Duinink (Right)

Chris VerHeul, Editor

Name : Abby Van Ryswyk
Nickname : Ab
Parents : Bob and Lisa Van Ryswyk
Employer(s) : Jersey Freeze
Future Plans : Attend DMACC for Nursing

Extracurricular Activities : NHS
Three words that describe me : Caring, Happy, Hardworking
Favorite Classes : A and P
Advice for underclassmen : Enjoy every minute because it goes by way faster than you think it will
Best high school memory : N/A
Dream job : Pediatric or OB Nurse
Favorite book : I prefer the movies based on books
Favorite movie : Fast and Furious movies and Over the Hedge

Favorite Musician/Band : Country music in general


Name : Carson Duinink
Nickname : N/A
Parents : Mary Sue and Doug Duinink
Employer(s) : Caseys
Future Plans : Attend Iowa State University with an undecided major

Extracurricular Activities : Basketball, track, football, and NHS
Three words that describe me : NCAA Football Connoisseur
Favorite Classes : Lunch and Study Hall
Advice for underclassmen : Make the most of your time now because it goes fast
Best high school memory : Winning the state football championship in 2018
Dream job : Iowa State Football Equipment Manager
Favorite book : Football Genius – Tim Green
Favorite movie : Tombstone

Favorite Musician/Band : NAV