One year Corona-Versary


PCM’s hallways last year when school was officially cancelled.

It has been one year since March 2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19. It affected all of us differently. 

For students, our school year was cut off. Seniors didn’t get a school-sponsored prom or a last day of high school. Juniors had three years of prom fundraising wasted. Sophomores didn’t get to finish their second year of high school. Freshmen didn’t get to experience their first high school track season. Eighth graders didn’t get to have their eighth grade graduation. Fifth graders didn’t get to have their last recess or walk the hallways one last time. Others lost jobs, homes, and loved ones. So many experiences were ruined by COVID-19. 

Until May, we were all isolated and stuck at home in quarantine. During the summer, things opened up again and things started to get back to normal. Then cases spiked and restrictions were put into place again. We returned to school in August with masks recommended. 

Then, cases spiked again. Mental Health Day was postponed. Masks were required for everyone and winter sports were almost cancelled. Vaccines were made and are beginning to be distributed to elderly and teachers. 

Each day we get closer to a new normal. We are all used to this “new normal” and we deal with it everyday. It is hard to believe so much has happened in the past year. We can only hope that everything can return to normal as soon as possible.