Havenstrite Adresses Snow Day Set Backs


With the recent below zero temperatures, high wind chill and icy roads, PCM Community School District had to close their doors and enforce delays multiple times over the last month. These closures and delays leave students with mixed opinions. 

“I enjoyed them but now that more and more have started happening I’m getting bored at home and I don’t wanna go till the middle of June,” junior Deanna McHargue said. 

With the immense amount of snow days and lost hours on delays, PCM Schools will remain in session until Jun. 3 as of Mar. 12. However, the new date is subject to change. This is an extension from the initial close date of May 25.

Sophomore Jack Eighmey says, “I liked the snow days because I played video games all day long, but I’m sad we missed school because now we have to go till, like, June or something and I don’t want to.” 

The guidelines released by PCM Community School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Michelle Havenstrite, states that if the wind chill is between -20 and -29 degrees Fahrenheit at the start time of the bus pickups, school will most likely be delayed. If at the start time of the bus pickups the windchill is below -30 degrees Fahrenheit, school issue will delay. If this predicted temperature and winter chill warning is not lifted by 9 a.m. school will be closed. 

Freshman Ryan Bennett says, “I hate snow days; they are taking my summer away.”

The road conditions are also highly reviewed and considered before making an announcement on possible school closures and delays. The statement released by Havenstrite also states that herself, and Transportation Director, Tucker Gilbert, drive the roads to check conditions, consult with other district superintendents and transportation directors, while also communicating with the Jasper County Maintenance Department for additional information about road clearings. 

With the cold weather and icy road conditions, Havenstrite and the PCM School District strives to keep students safe.