SOTM: March 2021


Lillian Baird (Left) and Gabriel Lanphier (Right)

Chris VerHeul, Editor

Name : Gabriel Lanphier
Nickname : Phier (Pronounced “Fear”)
Parents : Kevin and Andrea Lanphier
Employer(s) : Myself
Future Plans : Attend DMACC in Ankeny then transfer to an undecided college

Extracurricular Activities : Football, basketball, golf
Three words that describe me : Funny
Favorite Classes : Journalism and Fitness
Advice for underclassmen : Enjoy every moment
Best high school memory : Winter break festivities like the talent show and dodge ball
Dream job : Business and tech CEO
Favorite book : Harry Potter series
Favorite movie : The Dark Knight

Favorite Musician/Band : Polo G


Name : Lillian Baird
Nickname : Lilli
Parents : Aaron and Carrie Baird
Employer(s) : Jersey Freeze
Future Plans : Attend University of Iowa to study business

Extracurricular Activities : Volleyball, basketball, track, student gov. NHS, FRC Shy youth
Three words that describe me : Kind, genuine, thoughtful
Favorite Classes : Spanish
Advice for underclassmen : Simply be kind
Best high school memory : Senior year homecoming
Dream job : Not sure! But something that involves working with great people and helping others
Favorite book : All the Bright Places
Favorite movie : None

Favorite Musician/Band : Country