SOTM: February 2021


Teegen Giles (Left) and Greyson Strum (Right)

Name : Teegen Giles
Nickname : Tee
Parents : Brandon and Heather Giles
Employer(s) : Home Instead
Future Plans : Going to Mercy, don’t know my major

Extracurricular Activities : Volleyball, Softball
Three words that describe me : Determined, Thoughtful, Caring
Favorite Classes : Biology and Creative Writing
Advice for underclassmen : Don’t stress, everything will be fine
Best high school memory : Typing with the girls
Dream job : Labor/Delivery Nurse
Favorite book : Everything, Everything
Favorite movie : Wonder

Favorite Musician/Band : Dan and Shay


Name : Greyson Strum
Nickname : Grey, Big Grey
Parents : Andrew and Jenna Strum
Employer(s) : None
Future Plans : Attend Grand View University to play football

Extracurricular Activities : Football and Track
Three words that describe me : Determined, Disciplined, Stubborn
Favorite Classes : Fitness and Physics
Advice for underclassmen : Stop saying, “I can’t.” You can. You just choose not to
Best high school memory : Being told I was going to start O – Line as a freshman
Dream job : Becoming a strength and football coach
Favorite book : The Sacred Acre
Favorite movie : Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Favorite Musician/Band : Slipknot/Five Finger Death Punch