What does PCM want for Christmas?


Every year, pretty much everyone within the U.S. develops some sort of Christmas wish list and toys with the idea of getting something fromSanta Claus. This year is no different, and every student at PCM has something on their list. Most of what was said included technology: a computer, new phone, and the like. There were also wishes of clothes: dresses and shoes, to be specific. Now about Santa: 33.3 percent of the survey takers said of course he is real. 31.6 percent said just the opposite and 14 percent said maybe. The last 21.1 percent said something else or gave an explanation as to how they felt about the subject.
One of the most common presents mentioned was a PlayStation. In fact, four of the 57 responses mentioned wanting some sort of PlayStation, whether it be a 4 or 5. Their reasoning behind it mostly had to do with wanting more advanced technology. PCM sophomore William Owens is one example.
“For Christmas I asked Santa for a PS5 because it is the newest and best console,” Owens said. He was one of the 33.3 percent that said Santa is real. Another person who wanted a PlayStation was Alyssa Giles, who had her own reasons.
“[I want a] PS4 because I can use it to watch movies with my family and play Virtual Reality,” Giles said.
The thoughts from the PlayStation were effectively summed up by senior Kinser Sloan.
“I just think it’s neat,” Sloan said of the PlayStation 5.
Another popular wish was clothes: shoes, sweatshirts and other articles of clothing. Sophomore Skylar Burns had an interesting reason for wanting new shoes. Specifically, Nike Air Force 1s.
“I want Air Force 1’s for Christmas [because] I think it would add drip to my look,” Burns said. Drip is evidently one of those words with a sudden new meaning.
There was still yet another wish for shoes, this time from junior Deanna McHargue. It was a very practical response.
“[For Christmas I want] new shoes [because] I wear the same ones every day,” McHargue said.
There were some responses that were just ridiculous. The students that wrote them were most likely trying to be funny. However, freshman Brody Northway most likely said what everyone else was thinking but didn’t want to say.
“For Christmas I want] money, like, I mean a lot of money,” Northway said. What he said could possibly summarize the average mind of a high school student in the United States.
But sophomore Alex Courtney said what also said what everyone else was most likely thinking, and he was being serious.
“My family, because I don’t want to have any gifts this year, only my family,” he said.