Star Wars: Choose your own adventure

Star Wars: Choose your own adventure


You (the reader) will get to pick how your story goes. Each choice you make will lead you to a corresponding numbered paragraph where that specific story will continue. Now that you know the basics, let’s get into it. 

Introduction: The second Death Star was destroyed and the Empire is no more. The New Republic is now in control of the galaxy. No one knows what is coming next, but you feel the need to take action. As a Jedi, you know the time of hiding in the shadows is over. Proceed to paragraph 1. 

(1) After over 20 years of living on the run and concealing yourself, the Jedi Order has returned and the force finally feels at balance. Wrapping your head around the fact the Empire is gone feels impossible. You may actually be able to be a true Jedi again. You try to calm yourself down by meditating. You sit down and reach out in the force. You hear echoes in the force calling out to you. Will you answer the call? If yes, go to paragraph (2). If no, go to paragraph (3). 

(2) “Jedi, the Empire is no more. Travel to the Jedi Temple; it is time to rebuild the order”. The voice is unfamiliar to you at first, but then you recognize it. The calling is from no other than Rebel Pilot and hero Luke Skywalker. You know you can’t ignore this message. You walk out of your secluded forest hut and make your way down the river. After a long journey, you reach your ship. It hasn’t been flown in many years. You try to start it, but nothing happens. During the Clone Wars, you were a decent mechanic. Do you try to fix the ship yourself (4), or do you go to the nearest settlement and search for a mechanic (5)?

(3) You decide there are other Jedi in the galaxy who will better serve the New Republic, so you shut yourself off from the force completely. You will spend the rest of your days alone in your secluded hut. Hopefully, the other remaining Jedi will not choose the same path as you. 

(4) You try to fix the ship, but your skills have diminished and it is in almost worse shape than it was before. Trying to fix the ship was an naive idea. You must find a mechanic; proceed to paragraph 5. 

(5) You trek back to your hut and take your speeder to the settlement. As you arrive, you receive strange looks from the inhabitants; they don’t like outsiders. You head to the mechanic’s shop hoping to find someone to repair your ship. You see a young man in the back of the shop and ask him to repair your ship. He reluctantly says he will do it for 1000 credits, but you only have 700. Do you try to bargain (6), or do you use a Jedi mind trick on him (7). 

(6) You offer him 700 credits and he refuses. To make up the rest of the total, you trade him your speeder and he agrees to fix your ship. Luckily, he has his own speeder to transport you back to your hidden ship. He and his pit droids get to work on the ship. They finish repairs within a few hours. You thank the young mechanic and he heads back to town. It is time to begin the journey to the Jedi Temple. As you take off, a feeling you haven’t felt in many, many years overcomes you. Hope.

(7) Your skills are rusty. Therefore, the trick was ineffective. The mechanic demands you to leave. Feeling defeated, you walk outside and recollect your thoughts. A giant shadow suddenly blocks out the sun. You look up and see a New Republic cruiser. Suddenly a feeling you haven’t felt in many, many years overcomes you. Hope.

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