SOTM: December 2020


Landon Fenton (Left) and Allison Burkett (Right)

Name : Allison Burkett
Nickname : Allie
Parents : Jeff and Stephanie Burkett
Employer(s) : Goldies
Future Plans : Attend DMACC

Extracurricular Activities : FRC SHY
Three words that describe me : Passionate, Caring, Dedicated
Favorite Classes : Spanish
Advice for underclassmen : Don’t take time for granted
Best high school memory : Making homecoming court
Dream job : Optometrist
Favorite book : How to Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite movie : Zootopia

Favorite Musician/Band : Morgan Wallen


Name : Landon Fenton
Nickname : Lando
Parents : Robert and Heather Fenton (My father is my hero)
Employer(s) : My lawn mower
Future Plans : Iowa

Extracurricular Activities : Football, Wrestling, Track
Three words that describe me : Sarcastic, Funny, Sporty
Favorite Classes : Lunch
Advice for underclassmen : RUN!/ Have fun, it goes fast
Best high school memory : Anything football
Dream job : Psychiatrist
Favorite book : Goodnight moon/ Very Hungry Caterpillar
Favorite movie : Revenge of the Sith

Favorite Musician/Band : La Flame