SOTM: November 2020


Riley Hjortshoj (Left) and Gatlin Boell (Right)

Chris VerHeul, Editor

Name : Riley Jean Hjortshoj
Nickname : Ry Ry
Parents : Jennifer and Grant Hjortshoj
Employer(s) : Lynn Donahue (Jersey Freeze)
Future Plans : Attend DMACC for Secondary Education, and transfer to a four year college

Extracurricular Activities : Four years of volleyball, four years of basketball, two years of softball, two years of vocal jazz, four years of choir, NHS, Stand for the Silent, FFA four years, District Reporter one year, and high school play two years
Three words that describe me : Kind, Respectful, and Caring
Favorite Classes : Ag. Classes
Advice for underclassmen : Have fun, and try not to let other people’s opinions effect you
Best high school memory : None
Dream job : Middle School Special Education Teacher
Favorite book : 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Favorite movie : Disney Movies

Favorite Musician/Band : Birdtalker


Name : Gatlin Boell
Nickname : None
Parents : Laurie and Jody Boell
Employer(s) : None
Future Plans : Go to an undecided college

Extracurricular Activities : Basketball, football, and gold
Three words that describe me : Hardworking, Respectful, Fun
Favorite Classes : Economics and Lit. of Film
Advice for underclassmen : Take it in because time flies
Best high school memory : Being on the football team
Dream job : Something that makes a lot of money
Favorite book : Friday Night Lights
Favorite movie : Stepbrothers

Favorite Musician/Band : YNW Melly