SOTM: October 2020


Erin VanPeursem (Left) and Dylan Warrick (Right)

Chris VerHeul, Editor

Name : Erin VanPeursem
Nickname : None
Parents : Mike and Nancy VanPeursem
Employer(s) : Pet Supply Plus
Future Plans : Attend UNI for (at least) 4 years for a degree social work

Extracurricular Activities : Volleyball, Stand for the Silent
Three words that describe me : Caring, Compassionate, Empathetic
Favorite Classes : Spanish, Creative Writing
Advice for underclassmen : Respect your teacher – they work hard for you!
Best high school memory : Spirit Night of Junior year
Dream job : Therapist
Favorite book : Simon VS. the Homo-Sapiens Agenda
Favorite movie : La La Land

Favorite Musician/Band : Queen, Taylor Swift


Name : Dylan Warrick
Nickname : Dyl, Dylobster
Parents : John and Shelly Warrick
Employer(s) : Whisky Barrel
Future Plans : Undecided

Extracurricular Activities : Football, Baseball, Choir, Fall Play
Three words that describe me :  Fun, Excited, Goofy
Favorite Classes :  Recess
Advice for underclassmen : Thank the lunch ladies and janitors. You’re in high school for four years, which is pretty small in the aspect of life, so be nice, smile, lend a hand, and make the most of it!
Best high school memory : May 18, 2018
Dream job : ESPN Sports Commentator
Favorite book : TIP-OFF – How the 1984 NBA Draft Changed Basketball Forever
Favorite movie : Joker

Favorite Musician/Band : Post Malone