Mental Health Day postponed


Every year at PCM High School students can relax and have a day of fun called Mental Health Day. Unfortunately with the spread of COVID-19, the 2020 Mental Health Day is postponed for students until next semester of 2021. Many students really look forward to this event every year but some are unsure if it will even happen. 

Mental Health is a very important thing and issue around high school students all over. Now especially with the stress of COVID-19, mental health is more important than ever. Sometimes it’s good to get the stress of daily events off the mind especially when students are dealing with assignments and homework. The Mental Health Day is a day for high school students to do fun activities and hopes to improve their mental health. Some of the activities include nap sessions, animal petting zoo, listening to funny jokes, making crafts or even watching some fun science experiments! There are a variety of different activities for students to do on this one day of the year. 

“It’s a great way to relax and release stress, it’s definitely a bummer”, Voeller says. 

The percentage of high school students that have mental health issues is 17.2% that’s higher than the adults percentage. A lot of students are in need of some time off , since a lot of us are rather quarantined or stuck inside all day. Could students’ mental health get worse if we switch to the hybrid method or remote learning? Studies say that as the pandemic drags on, nearly 3 in 10 parents say their child is experiencing emotional or mental harm because of the social distancing and school closures. And according to professors at  Harvard Medical School they have seen a rise in young patients with anxiety and depression during the pandemic. 

“It makes me really sad, I feel like Mental health is something that tends to be overlooked and this was a way to bring attention to everyone, senior Bess Telfer said. “There are also people who don’t want to give attention to their mental health, and this would’ve been amazing for our students to just have the break they deserve,” Telfer said. 

Mental Health is very important to humans everyday living, especially students. PCM High School students hope that the Mental Health day will still happen this year.