Blue light blocking benefits

Blue light blocking benefits

Headaches, migraines and stress are typical side effects from using computers hour upon hour. With the rise of COVID-19, blue light blocking glasses have become all the rage. Working at home or completely online has caused more than one factor of stress upon the PCM community. Rather than being able to do paperwork or assignments, many teachers have switched to complete online assignments which has caused problems. To solve some problems, students and teachers alike have bought into these glasses to prevent side effects coming from blue light and online usage. 

The main reason for blue light blocking glasses is to filter technology waves and can enhance your focus. These glasses also reduce eye strain, which is another reason for consumers to purchase them. While these glasses definitely help, be sure to still take a break from the screen every once in a while. Some studies have also shown that wearing blue light blocking glasses a couple hours before bed blocks out the blue waves, which can make it easier to fall asleep. 

Some consider these glasses as a fad rather than anything else. “Pointless” and “dumb” have been words used to describe these glasses around PCM High School, though that didn’t stop people from purchasing them. Teachers have purchased these to help with classes.

“I purchased them to prevent headaches. I stare at the computer a lot, especially in yearbook. So far it’s seemed to work,” Yearbook adviser Brooke Grett said. 

Consumers can’t purchase anything these days without considering the fashion aspect. 

“I didn’t buy them for any certain reason, other than the fact that they’re cute,” a PCM student stated. 

Certain glasses have a blue tint coming off of them, whereas others show no difference than a regular pair of glasses. When it comes to purchasing blue light blocking glasses, the hardest choice isn’t deciding whether to buy them or not, but in which design, color, frame and fit is best for you. Prescription glasses can also have the blue light blocking feature added in the lens.