Which is better: Jersey Freeze or Goldie’s?

Which is better: Jersey Freeze or Goldies?

If you live in the PCM community you know that there is one thing Monroens and Prairie Citians can not agree with. What is the better ice cream shop? Goldies or Jersey Freeze? Ty True and I are gonna investigate around the high school to get to the bottom of this age old question. Now we are only going to be focusing on the two shops ice cream and shakes because we all know that Goldies has the better food, I mean come one the food there is fantastic. We will be asking people’s very biased opinion on the topic. I believe that for the most part it’s going to come down to where the person lives, so if they live in Prairie City they most likely will like Goldies better and if they live in Monroe they will probably like Jersey Freeze better.

 Gavin Hegwood, a fellow Monroe native, says, “I like ice cream and Jersey Freeze makes way better ice cream than Goldie’s.” Hegwood adds, “Caramel makes ice cream really good and when you get it from Jersey Freeze there is more caramel and it tastes way better.”

Anthony Savala, a Prairie City resident, contradicts Hegwood saying, “Goldies by a mile, it is better prepared and better tasting than Jersey Freeze.” Savala continues, “The food is also better at Goldie’s than Jersey freeze so that’s why I like Goldies better.”

Hegwood soon agreed Goldie’s food is a little better but he still has faith in Jersey Freeze. But how about overall service? Hegwood believes that Jersey Freeze has better service saying, “If you ever been to Jersey Freeze you know how quick they get you through the line and they are always nice to you even if you come five minutes before they close.”

Savala believes otherwise, “Goldie’s has the better service, it usually comes pretty quick and you always see people you know and they are always nice and respectful.” 

Cadin Pecinovsky agreed with Hegwood and said, “Jersey Freeze, they are a lot faster.”

So does whichever shop you like better just rely on which town you’re from? I don’t think so and to back up my theory I asked a Prairie City native, Sidney Shaver, some questions. My first question was what is your opinion in the Jersey Freeze Vs. Goldie’s debate? Shaver said, “In my opinion Jersey Freeze is better in most aspects, their ice cream is better, their service is quicker and all around I like Jersey Freeze better.” She adds, “I think I like Goldie’s shakes better and they also have good service, they both have great service, but Jersey Freeze’s is better in my opinion.”

Just because you aren’t from around here doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion on the matter. Kendel Funke of Ankeny moved to Monroe last year chose Jersey Freeze over Goldie’s in the shake’s category, the ice cream category, the overall category, and the service category. Although she did say that when it came down to it she said she would go to whichever one was more convenient.

Pecinovsky joined many others in saying that Jersey Freeze had superior service. When asked about the matter he said, “Jersey Freeze, they are a lot faster.”

Pecinovsky isn’t the only one that prefers Jersey Freeze’s service. I asked Wyatt Uitermarkt which establishment’s service he thought was superior, and his reply was surprising to me. It wasn’t based off of the speed of the service, he had some sort of issue with one of Goldie’s workers. He did not go into detail on the matter, he simply stated he didn’t like Goldie’s service because of one of the workers there.

One of the main reasons people seem to like Goldie’s is the fact that Goldie’s has food options that Jersey Freeze does not. When asked which one he liked overall Pecinovsky said, “Goldie’s because of the food.”

Uitermarkt joined Pecinovsky in saying that food was one of the major reasons that he liked Goldie’s. On the matter he commented, “Goldie’s, because of their chicken strips.”

At the end of the day, it appears that most people just aren’t too passionate about the Jersey Freeze or Goldie’s battle. Most people just enjoy going to their hometown ice cream place to relax after a long day. They might have preferences in certain areas like ice cream, shakes, service, or just overall but they all said they would go to either just based off of convenience.