Students react to bigger lunch portions

by Tyler Foster

Last Friday, PCM High School served whole-grain crispitos for lunch, a student favorite. But the difference about this meal was that instead of one crispito, the students got two.
“It was nice, but I didn’t like the whole grain. I think be a grand idea if they gave out two of everything every day,” senior Chase Keuning said.
FoodService Director Kerri Roling stated, “PCM served two crispitos to the high school students to help meet the nutritional guidelines. Specifically, meeting the two ounce grains/breads that need to be offered to high school students at lunch.  Future meals or larger serving sizes will depend on calories and minimum requirements for bread/grains, fruits, vegetables, meat/meat alternatives and sodium restrictions for the overall week.”
Regardless of whether it stays the same all year, students put in a positive reaction to the bigger meal.