Thrifting tricks and tips


Have you ever been in a situation when something you want is just too much money? Thrift stores are going to be your best option! Thrifting has definitely changed my style of clothing; you can express your style in any way with a variety of options. Not only that it’s fun, but you can save a lot of money. Depending on the weather and seasons you can easily pair up and layer clothing which you can all find at thrift stores. Need some tips? Here are some fun and easy tricks when going thrifting!
The first thing when going thrift shopping is to find your personal style. Look for things that catch your eyes or fun colors which go along with your aesthetic. It’s most important to find things you are confident in and feel comfortable to wear. Although it’s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes, find things that best fits YOU. If you’re looking for an aesthetic and you’re not sure what yours would be , try basing off the things you usually wear and your hobbies and surroundings!
Another good thing to do is to make sure what you’re looking at is worth buying. Before buying a product you want to look and inspect the item. If it is a brand name product, it’s always good to look at the original price of the item on the brand’s website or on a web browser and compare those two costs. One of my best finds would be a pair of LuLu-Lemon leggings. The original prices are usually around 100-120 dollars. I ended up getting those pairs of leggings for only $25. A good thing to keep in mind is to look for stains, rips, or holes. A lot of the time I usually just grab and go when I find a cool item. From experience, I found that you definitely want to check out the item before buying it. If you do find an item that is in bad shape and you want to change it up, it’s really easy to do so! Some examples would be cleaning up a pair of shoes with some cleaning solution or even making crop tops!
The last thing, as well as one of the most important things, about thrifting is that it is very easy to pick, choose and style your clothing. Based on the certain seasons and weather outside you can find a complete outfit for under $15! I have been in a group called 4H for almost seven years. Every year at the county fair we hold a contest called the $15 dollar challenge. It is a really fun and good learning experience for people that want to start saving money and get into thrifting. You go to the thrift store and come up with an outfit to show and judge, but it can’t be over fifteen dollars! I’ve been in the $15 dollar challenge for 3 years and I really enjoy coming up with cool and fun outfits to show to the world and my community. When it starts getting colder outside you could find a simple turtle neck with a nice blouse to go over top.In the summer find a simple fitted top with a funky tank over. Thrift stores also have really good dress options too. If I’m going to a fancy event or wedding, I could find a super cute dress at a thrift store for only about $5.
Overall, thrift stores are a great place to find all things cool and are a great way to save money. There is almost always a thrift store or vintage antique within 10-30 minutes from you. It’s a great way to spend time with friends or in your free time.