New Ag building

by Taylor Burns
A new building is coming to the PCM High School. The FFA is building a barn, which will be 20-by-30 feet. The barn that is coming to house animals for the Animal Science Class.
The barn itself will cost $13,300. The Ag Department have $8,800 currently from a donation and $775 from a pie auction from a banquet last May. The rest of the money will come from FFA’s account.
The barn will shelter sows that were in the greenhouse last year. The Ag department are approved up to four sows and their piglets at a time. They will need further approval from the city of Monroe to house other animals.
“I am very excited about the barn because I believe it will be a great learning opportunity for students,” said Ag and Animal Science Teacher Nichole Gent. “It gives us more options for students to engage in hands-on learning.”
The barn in being built by Pendroy Builders and is scheduled to be done this fall.