The Band Rooms completion, something everyone can get behind


By Dylan Sanders

It has been a long, difficult fall for the band. Coming in every morning for extra practice for their show, and the weather making things even more miserable with it being one of the wettest falls in recent memory. Perhaps the most difficult thing for the band to overcome this fall was that they had no band room. They have been practicing in the commons since the start of school. Things are starting to look up for the band though as the progress on their new band room is starting to show.

Principal Scott Bridges said, “The progress on the new band has hit some rough patches, but overall it has been going well. When they took the stage down and went to pour concrete for the new room, they found some old footings under the stage. We had to wait for engineers to come and check them out to make sure that they wouldn’t damage any parts of the school. Once that was done, they started to do the things that they were going to do, like putting the floor in, and laying concrete down.”

The new band room is nearing completion as winter approaches.

The construction is four weeks behind schedule, but that’s due to the discovery of the old footings. The weather hasn’t had any effect on the construction of the band room because it’s inside, unlike other projects going on around the school. Such as the west end which is exposed to the elements. The construction should have been done mid-November, but because of the setbacks that the workers have had, it will be done around mid-December.

Band student Cody Rink said, “I can’t wait until our new band room is finished. Being in the commons is terrible. It makes us sound mediocre, and it is really hard to rehearse with all the extra noise that is in the commons.”

Band students and students using the commons before the start of school have both had to adjust to the band being in the commons.

Bridges said,” We will look to move the band and choir students into the new room as soon as possible. We need to get everything back into a normal routine, and that starts with the music program at PCM having their room back.”