FCCLA, a new club at PCM


              PCM added a new club to for the 2018-2019 school year with the addition of a Family, Career and Community Leaders of America chapter. The advisor of the chapter is the newly hired Family Consumer Science Teacher Zoey Sternquist. The chapter recently had officer elections at their first interest meeting. They elected senior Allison Wood to be the President for the current school year. Currently, there are around 20 members in the chapter, but Wood thinks that number will grow for a few reasons.

“It looks great on college applications,” said Wood when asked why people should join FCCLA. “It builds your leadership skills and your confidence to talk in front of people. It gives you opportunities to show off your projects to other people.”

Those projects range anywhere from an item you baked in foods class to a trifold display of your babysitting business. The options are basically endless when it comes to things you can show.

With clubs like the FCCLA coming to PCM, more and more opportunities are arising for students to participate in competitions that do not necessarily involve athletics.

“It is not a big time commitment,” said Wood, “Most of the projects you show are already made in class.”

Students that do not take part in extracurricular often don’t get the chance to travel around and compete at different schools, but a great way to do this would be to join FCCLA. It allows students to go around Iowa and meet new people at a variety of competitions.

“You get lots of opportunities to travel and make friends.” Wood added.

So if you’re looking to boost your college resume, or try something a little different then you should definitely give FCCLA a try. Everyone remembers the first year of something, so why not be apart of this chapter’s kickoff year. They will meet next month during a Monday 90-minute late start. The date has not yet been released.