Overtime spells doom for Mustangs yet again

by Dylan Sanders

The Mustang boys’ soccer team has gone into double overtime four times in just this season, and they have lost every one of them. The Mustangs got out of their long funk on April 17 with a win over Chariton. Unfortunately, the Mustangs are back in it with yet another heartbreaking overtime loss. This one to the Collins Maxwell Spartans on April 20. The Mustangs controlled the game for the most part, especially in the second half. Ultimately, the difference in the game was the Spartans execution in key situations. The Mustangs were sent home with their fifth loss of the season, losing 4-3.

The Spartans would set the tone early, scoring two goals right off the bat. The Mustangs would shrink the deficit with a goal of their own by senior Misha Seeback, making it 2-1 heading into halftime. The Mustangs came out of the half red-hot, taking the lead thanks to goals from Seeback and junior Carson Clark. The Spartans quickly responded, tying the game. With the game being tied, both teams’ defense stepped up considerably as their offense desperately tried to prevent overtime. The tie wasn’t broken in regulation, so the game headed into overtime.

The stalemate wouldn’t end in the first overtime, so the Mustangs went into their fourth double overtime of the year. In the second overtime, the Spartans managed to get behind the Mustangs defense to score the game winning goal. The Mustangs have yet to overcome their overtime demos this year with four of their five losses in overtime.

The Mustangs play next at Bondurant-Farrar in an away non-conference game tomorrow, April 27 at 7:00 p.m.