by Garin Padget Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.26.12 AM.png

The fourth quarter is almost over. After school is over, there are still many events that go on through the summer. The events that I’m going to focus on are the fairs. Here in Jasper County, we have the Jasper County Fair. These fairs aren’t just in Jasper County, they are all over the state of Iowa. The fair is held in Colfax behind the sale barn. This fair is in July, and it is six days long. On Monday is the pig show, on Tuesday is the sheep show, on Wednesday is the cow show and on Thursday is the livestock auction.

To be eligible to show at the county fairs, you have to be in a 4-H club or an FFA chapter, and more importantly is you have to live in the county whose fair you are showing in. Besides the main animals, you can show chickens, ducks, and other exotic birds, llamas, goats, horses, dairy cows and bunnies. At the fair you don’t just have to show animals, you can show pictures, projects and food. If your project is good enough, it will advance on to the Iowa State Fair. After the county fairs, there is the Iowa State Fair. The Iowa State Fair lasts for 10 days. This fair is usually at the end of August.

The Iowa State Fair is a lot of fun, and it has a lot of good food. There are rides, games and FFA and 4-H exhibits. Some of the main reasons I like the Iowa State Fair is because you can hang out with a lot of your friends, and you can meet new ones. One of my favorite places to eat is the Cattleman’s tent. They have beef items like beef burgers, cheese burgers, walking tacos, and my personal favorite is the bacon cheeseburger. Their most famous food is the Mark and Jerry burger and many other foods. Other exciting moments are the carnival rides. In the rides corner there is the Crazy Mouse. the Ye Old Mill and then Iowa’s classic ride, the Giant Slide.

If you aren’t one for the rides, there is a bunch of shopping opportunities. There is Pioneer Hall, right next to the campground gates. Then under the Grandstand, there is multiple stores that you can shop at. Then if you don’t know what college you want to go to, you can go to the Varied Industries Building. Other than college, you can get some of the fair’s cookies in a bucket. Besides at the Varied Industries Building, the fair ground is full of little food stands and stores. Just like at the county fairs, you can show both animals and projects, but unlike the animals, the projects have to advance on to State, and that will take you till the end of summer. When people say you didn’t do anything, how could you not with all of these fairs.