PCM renovation spreads to baseball field

by Olin Meinders

It seems like just about everywhere one goes within the school district, construction work and renovation follows. Members of the PCM baseball team are no exception to that. The baseball field, located in Prairie City, is also seeing renovation in 2018. A number of improvements are being made to the infield with some minor league help. The grounds crew for the Iowa Cubs of Des Moines have visited the field several times in the last month. A number of PCM baseball players also helped out the night of April 11 by moving and laying down the new surface of the infield.IMG_20180415_171128.jpg

The PCM baseball field needed work. Just ask a player and he’ll talk about the treacheries and hardships of being an infielder for PCM.

“It was rough; it’s had some nasty hops. Regular infield plays could just bounce over your head and go into the outfield,” sophomore Gabe Steenhoek said.

An infamous bump on the grass before second base is capable of stumping even the most skilled second basemen. Although the bump has yet to be taken care of, other issues such as the sunken batter’s box, a lip along back of the infield going into the outfield and poor sod along the base paths have been taken care of.unnamed-2.jpg

PCM baseball and its field will certainly be ready to go when the season starts in May. The weeks until the season opener are dwindling down, and the improvements to the field along with other factors are building up anticipation.

Steenhoek said, “It’s great that they’re changing it. I’ve never been more excited to play baseball in my life.”