Boys’ Soccer almost socks Chariton

by Chance Palm

On April 5, the PCM varsity and junior varsity soccer teams traveled to Chariton to score their first “W” on the record sheet. The varsity boys hustled hard, putting up a forceful fight against the Chariton Chargers. By the first half, the score was 1-0 PCM. The teams flipped sides and the boys struggled as the Chargers scored a goal. All tied up, the Mustangs went to overtime. Junior Carson Clark nearly ended the fight as he put the ball in the net. However, due to a rule violation, the score was called back.

   The teams were once more tied up in overtime. During overtime, neither the Mustangs, nor Chargers could get the much-needed score, and the teams went into double overtime, in order to determine a winner. Unfortunately, the Mustangs couldn’t pull through and score a goal. Neither could the Chargers and double overtime ended. The game went into a final shootout. To the dismay of the Mustangs, the Chargers won in the shootout. The Mustangs fell short of the “W”, Chargers 2-1.

   Team captain senior Chase Sanders said, “I believe that we played super physical from start to finish. We never let up once through the span of the whole game. The big thing that we need to improve on is learning how to close out these games. We have had two overtime games that were well within our grasp, but we just couldn’t finish. Once we get that figured out, I think we will be golden.”

   Be sure to catch the PCM Mustangs in Nevada for great weather and a great soccer game, on Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 p.m.