PCM Art Gets Temporary Addition

by Olin Meinders

The halls of PCM High School have been feeling a lot smaller lately. One thing that has contributed to that is the recent addition of four student teachers. At the moment, there is a student teacher for nearly every subject including art, English, Spanish, and physical education. Jenny Morrett, a 22 year-old attending Central College in Pella, has been alongside art teacher Sara Kirk the last two months.

Morrett is no stranger to the area, having grown up in Reasnor which is just ten minutes away from Monroe. She is also is no stranger to smaller schools, as she graduated from Lynnville-Sully. After graduating, she attended the University of Northern Iowa for a semester. Due to family matters, Morrett decided to be closer to her family and came to Central College.

“My major is art, and I’m going for my K-12 education certification,” said Morrett.

Morrett looks forward to finding a career in education while staying in touch with her passion for art. If one thing has stayed consistent with Morrett, it’s her love of art. In her senior year of high school, Morrett was planning on pursuing a job in photography but decided on a different path. So far, she has enjoyed the atmosphere at PCM and is learning a lot from Kirk.

Morrett said, “Since I love art so I want to show other people the benefits of art and what they can do with it in their own lives.”