Student body president helps pass new drink rule

by Chance Palm
On Jan. 18, the school board got together and voted on the drink policy. The result
was something students have been waiting to happen for a long time. The policy has now

For years, the school policy on drinks has been as hard to guess as the Iowa weather. The
policy went as follows: no water bottles over the size of 32 ounces, nothing but water in the water bottle, and the water bottle must be clear or see-through.

“Students are now able to have drinks in class as long as it is in a container smaller than 32 ounces and is not in a can. No cans are allowed in school, even those with a lid,” High School Principal Scott Bridges said.


What made the school board change their decision on the policy on drinks in school was student body president senior Baylee Smith and the student government.

Smith said, “I brought it up at a student government meeting, we formulated a proposal which took about a month, then we talked to Mr. Bridges and Mr. Jermeland. I went to the board, and we presented it in November, they voted on it in January, and it was passed.”

This is great news for students who have previously been unable to put coffee, tea, or soda in their bottles. Also, students are now able to carry non-clear bottles. Students are excited for the newest change in the school’s drink policy.

Junior Jordon DeVries said, “I think it’s wonderful. You can drink anything you want in school, and the new freedom is great.”