Spares, strikes for PCM students

PCM is a small school that can only offer the basic sports: Football, basketball, golf, volleyball, cross country, track, wrestling, baseball, softball and soccer, which was only added in later decade of PCM’s history. If a student would like to play another sport, they’d have to play for another school. This is the case with the students who go to Newton for swimming and for bowlers senior Kayla Sopher and sophomore Faith Howard who make the 30 minute drive to the Great Escape Bowling Alley for practice.

Sophomore Faith Howard and senior Kayla Sopher (two to far right) are the two PCM students currently bowling for Southeast Polk. /courtesy of Kayla Sopher

Sopher has been bowling for the last ten years of her life. Originally she bowled for the Mustang Lanes Youth League for six years before moving to Newton and being a part of their team until her junior year when she returned to PCM. This year she joins Howard on Southeast Polk’s bowling team.

Howard was part of the team last year and finished the season with an average of 156.7 pins per game. She had the third highest average as just a freshman. Her brother, Cody Howard was also a bowler for Southeast Polk.

“While I enjoy be able to bowl for Southeast Polk, I miss Newton’s team because it felt more like home. Bowling has been a big part of my life. When I bowl, well I am in a good mood and bowl even better,” Sopher said. “It gets adrenaline going and make me happy; my favorite thing is the excitement of bowling well. ”

So far this season, the team is 4-2 overall. They still have eight normal season games left with the next one on Dec. 18 at Great Escape Bowling Alley in Pleasant Hill.