Rhymes on the Rise

by Rory Van Gorp

“We’ll have coffee and everyone will be respectful of creative differences,” senior Luke Kramer said regarding the newest addition to PCM.

The Poetry Club. The poetry club is a student created club made for students to share their own poems, and also share other poems that they personally love.

The poetry club was started up by students. Poetry Club President, Kramer is one of the students who spearheaded the proposal to start the club. The vice president, senior Sabrina Reed, is another student who is very involved in the club.

The main goal of poetry club is to give people a safe place to show their poems. A lot of people need a creative outlet, and I find making poetry is very relaxing,” Kramer said. Kramer said he is looking forward to seeing all the great poems the students of PCM can come up with.

The poetry club is going to meet on the first Wednesday of every month. The meeting is planned to go from the end of school until 4 p.m. During the meetings, the club is hoping to share their poem ideas and other poems they love in a safe judgemental free environment.

“I think starting the poetry club is a step in the direction of welcoming hopefully several clubs to the school,” Reed said about the addition of a new club.

The poetry club’s advisor is Samantha Pohl. Pohl is the English and drama teacher at the high school. She also is the director of the school play. Pohl also teaches creative writing, the very class that is responsible for planting the seed of poetry into Kramer’s head.

“I never liked poetry very much. I didn’t really give it a chance or actually try to do it. We had our poetry unit for creative writing, and I enjoyed it so much I thought, ‘why not make a club?’” Kramer said about wanting to start the Poetry Club.

The poetry club is looking to be a great success in the school district. The club’s first meeting was Dec. 6. The next meeting will be next year, Wednesday, Jan. 3.