PCM Wrestling hungry for new season

by Caleb Peter

“The greatest thing about wrestling is that it teaches life lessons. No other sport teaches dedication, determination, discipline, sacrifice and hard work like wrestling,” head coach Jeff Nicholson said.

In the high school lunchroom, a handful of students might be seen with little food on their plate. They’re cutting weight in preparation for a new season of wrestling. The wrestlers anticipate another season of grit and sweat. They know that this year will be something to starve for.

Nicholson is the new head coach for wrestling at PCM. He looks forward to his first year as head coach.

“I am super excited for the season to start, but yes I’m nervous as well. Anyone who takes their coaching position seriously should be nervous. We have a tremendous amount of talent and can do great things, but it comes down to executing while we are in competition,” said Nicholson.

Last year, the team had some success. The team was a conference dual team and tournament champion. Last year, Sophomores Lucas Roland, Jarron Trausch, and senior Xavier Miller went to state individually.

“My goal for the team: To compete in every situation every second of every match. I believe that if we do this we will have five to six guys at the state individual tournament and have a shot at taking our whole team to the state dual team competition at Wells Fargo on Wednesday before the traditional tournament,” said Nicholson.

There are 25 wrestlers signed up this year. Four of them are seniors, seven are juniors, four are sophomores, and ten of them are freshmen. Practice started Nov. 13.

“Before our first meet I would like to get our mindset right. The mental side of the sport  is where we have the potential to improve the most. As the legend Dan Gable says, ‘The guy with the best technique wins the first period. The guy in the best condition wins the second period. The guy with the most guts wins the third period.’ We have great athletes who know how to wrestle, but the big matches will be won by the wrestler who is stronger mentally.  To get to the next level we are going to need to get stronger in that area. If we can to do that, then great things are going to happen,” said Nicholson.

For the first time in PCM wrestling history, the Mustangs will be competing in the Southeast Polk Red Owens Holiday Classic on Saturday, Dec. 16.

“Red Owens was my high school wrestling coach and a big part of who I am today. I am super excited to bring our wrestlers back to the high school that I graduated from and have them compete with programs from Iowa, Missouri and Kansas,” said Nicholson.

Coaches Matt Teeter, Jim Oldham, and Matt Hadsall will be there to help head coach Nicholson. Rusty Vos will coach the JV team. Seniors Darian Drake, Kinsey Phipps and freshman Margo Chipps will be managers for the team.

The first varsity meet will be on Dec. 2 at Dallas Center-Grimes. There will only be two home meets this year, so make sure to mark them on the calendar. The first home meet will be Dec. 7, and the last home meet will be Jan. 18. Nicholson has a message for the fans of PCM.

“To our fans and community, please take the time to support these young men.  We need you to fill the stands and create an incredible atmosphere that will help us bring more athletes into our sport and keep PCM Wrestling strong in the future.”