“Switching Principals” premieres

by Kinsey Phipps

New lights, new curtains, new floors, new sound, new seats, new talent: The PCM drama’s production of “Switching Principals” performs in a new auditorium for the first time tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the PCM Middle School. Shows will continue on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 12 at 1 p.m.unnamed-4.jpg

“This new auditorium will give each show bigger and better options and more possibilities for cool effects.  We have brand new lights and spot lights; the functions that these lights provide are greater than what we had before.  We can add color, movement, etc. when it comes to lighting a show.  The sound system is also new and all of the attributes with this will make it a lot easier for people to hear, which has been an issue in the past,” play director Samantha Pohl said. “We also gained over 100 seats, so more people can come to each show. Everyone has been and continues to be really excited for all of these new features and will definitely be a blessing for any production that goes on in this new theatre.”

The show is about Marvin Gardens High School; they hired a new principal who  doesn’t show up on his first day. The same day, two crooks running from a crime scene end up there and decide to hide in the school. The faculty mistakes them for the new principal and secretary. From then on, they are faced with many crazy and hilarious situations as the chaos ensues.

“Switching Principals” has a multitude of large parts which students are taking on. Junior Carson Clark has the male lead as George, the head conman. Senior Kinsey Phipps has the female lead as Madge, George’s smart-alic side kick. There is an ample amount of senior leadership this year, many of whom have been involved in PCM drama the entirety of their high school careers. Two of those four-year veterans are seniors Darian Drake and Amber Meyer. The two were discussing what aspects of the fall play they would miss most. Their answer was unanimous and immediate: Pohl.

“I am going to miss Ms. Pohl the most because of her bubbly personality and bright smile that she brings everyday,” Meyer said.

The cast has faced much adversity this year. From cast members missing rehearsal for sporting events to the crew being unfamiliar with the new features in lighting and sound. Another struggle was the ongoing construction in the auditorium.

It’s been different this year because we had to rehearse in a few different places before we were able to get into the auditorium.  That could have been a struggle, but it wasn’t for us.  Everyone was positive and willing to do whatever needed to be done to help things come along before we got to the auditorium,” Pohl said. “I guess I’m just proud of the morale this year.  Sometimes that can be tricky, especially close to showtime, but this group has been nothing but smiles and positivity throughout the whole process.  As the director, it’s really nice to have that to work with and be around.”

The staff and students have worked extremely hard the last few weeks, battling through all adversity coming their way.

Pohl said, “People should come see this because these students have worked extremely hard to create such a great show and they’ve been through a lot to get here.  Not only will they get to see the new auditorium, but they’ll have the opportunity to see some of the greatest talent to be on the PCM stage.”