Senior athletes’ favorite memory? Most embarrassing?

Baylee Smith, cross country- “My favorite memory of my cross country career was being the first girls’ cross country team to qualify for state. My most embarrassing moment in cross country was almost throwing up all over Mr. Jermeland’s shoes at the state qualifying meet. I’m really going to miss the coaches. Brady and I are the only two runners to be with Karr from seventh grade to our senior year.”
Brady North, cross country- “My favorite memory of my cross country career was my sophomore year when the team stole a small statue we found at the conference meet and hid it from Mr. Karr. We gave it to him later at our banquet. It was very embarrassing to have to wear super short shorts during meets. The family feeling the team has together is what I’m going to miss the most.”
Colton Warrick, football- “My favorite memory of the year was having to paint all of the numbers on the field because the painter wouldn’t work. The most embarrassing thing that happened to me was pushing the sled until my feet slipped out from under me. All of the guys laughed at me. I’m going to miss playing football with the guys and the coaches. I’m going to miss going with the offensive line to do drills and having taco night at Coach Shannon’s house. I am going to enjoy watching them on the field next year after a year of getting better.”
Kenzie Johnson, volleyball- “The atmosphere we had on the court this year was so different from other years. I loved our new coach and all the energy she brought to the team. I like to think I made people laugh with the things I did. One day at practice I forgot my knee pads, so I borrowed one from someone and I had to fold my softball slider and use it as my other knee pad. I’m going to miss playing volleyball with my teammates, and I’ll also miss Maddie Samson’s crazy reactions to her really good plays.”