So long Sacred Seventeen

by Jacob Ponder

PCM’s 2017 football season came to an end on Oct. 27, in freezing weather after falling one point short, losing to the Williamsburg Raiders 18-17 in the first round of the state playoffs. Even though the season ended in the first round, it was a very memorable season for the players and fans. The Mustangs racked up a total of 380 points for the season. Senior Dayton Boell broke the school record for longest punt. The Mustangs also had two forfeits against Montezuma and Clarke. Overall, PCM has a reason to be proud of their football team.fbponerc

In a group interview with seniors Caden Lewis and Colton Warrick and juniors Nick Meinders, Isaac Telfer, and Wes Cummings in the PCM football player’s sanctuary from school, Bonnett’s office, they reminisced about this year’s past season.

Without hesitation, Cummings talked about the team’s choice in locker room music, “We started off with ‘Fireflies’ [by Owl City] and then we went to ‘M.A.A.D. City’ [by Kendrick Lamar featuring MC eiht]. Later in the season, we changed to ‘Feel It Still’ [by Portugal. The Man] and ‘Country Roads’ [‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by John Denver].”

Several of their memories are from the Simpson Football Camp. Meinders’ said his favorite memory was, “Making a slip n’ slide in the showers in the dorm.”

Telfer described his experience in one of the many scraps that the boys had in their scrimmage against Woodward Granger, “We were on defense and they threw a screen pass to this kid, and I kinda hucked him aside; he falls down, gets up and throws the ball at my head. I turned around to go run at him but Jace [Smith] just comes out of nowhere and smokes the kid. It was nuts.”

Lewis’ favorite memories weren’t on the field, “I’m really going to miss just hanging out with all the guys, going to ‘Thros (Jethro’s) every Tuesday and Thursday for half-priced wings and going to ‘Bee’s (Applebee’s) for half-priced apps.”

The mood in the room changed from playful reminiscing to real life lessons that were learned this season when Warrick told his take away from the season.

“The last game of the year was lost by one,” he said. “That one point is like the last rep in the weightroom. It’s the most important.”

This whole season was a great time. Even though beating teams by 50 points and singing and dancing in the locker room to the “jock jams” was a highlight, the members of PCM football team all learned valuable life lessons this year. This was just the first of the many times that the seniors and other members of the team will reminisce about the days they played for the Sacred Seventeen.