Seniors’ future plans

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Olivia Lippman- “I’m going to the University of Iowa next year. For one, it’s a really good medical school. In addition, I love the campus. I plan on majoring in biology. Possibly, I’ll be involved in Greek life, and I hope to play intramural volleyball in college.
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Caden Lewis- “I am going to DMACC. It is the cheaper option. I’m living in a house with the dudes. I’m looking forward to saving money.”
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Madison Foster- “I’m going to Iowa State University next fall. I loved the atmosphere and the beautiful campus. I’m deciding between event planning and interior design for my major. I’m going to be involved in Greek life, and that’s something I’m looking forward to.”
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Zach DeBruin- “I am going into the Air Force. I figured I needed to serve and it allows me to travel the world while doing it.”