SOTM: September 2017

unnamed-2.jpgName: Baylee Smith
Nickname: Bales, Bay
Parents: Erin and Matt Vanderwerf, Brandon Smith
Employer: Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe

Future plans: Attend UNI for elementary education
Extracurricular activities: Band, Key Club, Student Government, cross country, softball
Three words that describe me: Passionate, hardworking, caring
Favorite classes: Band, history
Advice for underclassmen: Get things done and take advantage of all your opportunities, it goes
faster than you think.
Best high school memory: One year on the way home from a cross country meet, our bus broke down on a ramp in Ankeny. We had to get out and walk to the nearest McDonald’s, and we then sat there for at least an hour waiting for a bus. Overall, we had a great time.
Dream job: President of the United States
Favorite book: “The Martian”
Favorite movie: “Beauty and the Beast”
Favorite musician/band: PCM Marching Mustangs

Name: Brady North
Parents: Dennis and Wanda North
Employer: My dad at the farm.
Future plans: Attend DMACC for diesel mechanics and farm
Extracurricular activities: FFA, cross country, shooting club, youth group, track, band
Three words that describe me: Friendly, patient, fun
Favorite classes: Ag and shop
Advice for underclassmen: Be yourself and find a good group of people to be a part of. Make friends that stay by your side.
Best high school memory: Being elected FFA president
Dream job: Professional hunter
Favorite movie: “Unbroken”
Favorite musician/band: Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell