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Modern day Disney movie sparks controversy

by Taylor Burns

Recently released Disney movie Beauty and the Beast staring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens has brought controversy around the world because of a scene with gay men.

Malaysia, Hong Kong and a theatre in Alabama have banned the movie from being conveyed. In Russia, people have to be 16-years-old to view the movie. 

“I have not seen the movie, but from what I’ve read and heard, I also disagree with it. Disney seems to be going with what the culture sees as normal now. There are a ton of movies that I disagree with: Movies with Satanic undertones, murder, etc. Especially, movies that are targeted toward our children,” Grace Alive Church Pastor Jason Burns said. “The Bible is clear on homosexual relationships. It is not the relationship God designed from the beginning. But, this doesn’t make me love the LGBT community any less. We are called to show love and compassion to all people guiding them in the truth.”

Burns and other pastors around the area disagree with the movie or have not seen or heard enough to comment on it.

Otley Reformed Church Pastor Mike Holleman is one who hasn’t seen the movie, but has some thoughts on it. “I am conflicted on it, quite honestly. I lament that our culture has gone to the point of celebrating a stance, which is clearly sinful. If we cut out every businesses, restaurants, movies who embrace some sort of LGBT agenda then we would be shopping at very few places and would likely only be eating Chick-fil-A. Disney has had gay and lesbian weeks for a long time already, but I see many Christians still going to Disney World,” Holleman said. “We need to figure out how we can be the salt and light in the world.”

Now, there are some students who are completely supportive of the movie, and don’t think it’s a big deal.

“I think it is important that it’s [gay relationships] becoming more common. More people are more aware of it,” senior Bella George said. “I think there’s no point to people who are refusing to take their children to the movie. People are gonna be gay whether they like it or not. Let people love who they love. If you do care that much about it, you don’t have to see it or make a big deal out of it.”

George has not seen the movie, but senior Graham Davis has.

“It’s such a huge deal to me because it’s five seconds of a movie. It literally shows a man getting spun out from a woman into another man’s arms. I’m just saying that society today is much different than society when the movie first came out. The movie makers are just trying to be understanding and accepting of all people,” senior Davis said. “I’m never going to hate people who feel that way [against the movie], but I’m just saying that movies and t.v. shows has just come to the fact that people are seeing what’s happening in society today and are addressing the situation in ways that show people accept it. For movies and t.v. shows to not put gays in there, would be, as Donald Trump says, ‘Fake News.’”

Whether you have seen the movie or not or have an opinion or not, we can all agree that Disney has transformed and is different than what it used to be. And it might continue to change as time goes on. Now, whether that is for the better or worse, we’ll just have to see.

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