SOTM: March 2017


Name: Jonathan Adams

Nickname(s): Jonny Boy, Jonny Adams

Parents: Dan and Angelique Adams

Future plans: Go to Iowa State and work towards a master’s in engineering

Extracurricular activities: Golf

Three words that describe me: Intelligent, random, determined

Favorite classes: Shop, fitness, Spanish IV

Advice for underclassmen: Nothing is impossible if you have discipline and the will to push on.

Best high school memory: Watching a friend getting attacked by geese at golf practice

Dream job: Aerospace engineer

Favorite book: “The Secret to Success” by Eric Thomas

Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight Rises”

Favorite musician/band: Elvis Presley

Name: Kayla Jennings

Nickname(s): KJ

Parents: Joe and Christy Jennings

Future plans: Attend DMACC in Boone to play softball with a possible major in photo design

Extracurricular activities: Volleyball, basketball, softball, FRC SHY, FCA, fall play

Three words that describe me: Hardworking, dedicated, kind

Favorite classes: Photo imaging

Advice for underclassmen: Get involved, make memories and don’t wish your high school years away because it flies by.

Best high school memory: Making it to state in basketball with that group of girls and coaches my senior year

Dream job: International photographer

Favorite book: Books by Nicholas Sparks

Favorite movie: “Up”

Favorite musician/band: Florida Georgia Line