Parking lot bandit strikes


by Logan Gilman

Over the past few weeks, on two separate occasions cars have been broken into in the PCM HighSchool parking lot. The thief can be seen on camera and the film has been sent to the police who are undergoing an investigation. At least five people have had their vehicles broken into. Items that have been stolen are speakers, money and a pack of gum. The names of the criminal and the victims cannot be released.
The individual can be seen on school cameras driving into the parking lot and going from car to car trying to find an unlocked vehicle. When the thief finds an unlocked car, he steals items from the vehicle and gets back in his car and leaves the parking lot.
When asked what the school is doing to prevent this from happening again, Principal Scott Bridges said, “I’m not allowed to put somebody patrolling the parking lot, so what I can do is put it in the announcements and send out an email telling students to lock their vehicles.”
Sophomore Leevi Telfer said, “I haven’t personally been affected by the thefts, but I hope they catch the person soon so he doesn’t get me.”
Make sure that you are keeping your cars locked and without valuable items in your vehicle.