SOTM: February 2017


Name: Mark Bruxvoort

Nickname: Brux

Parents: Dave and Karen Bruxvoort

Employer: Dave Bruxvoort

Future plans: Farm with dad

Extracurricular activities: Basketball, cross country

Three words that describe me: Sarcastic, nice, fun

Favorite classes: Shop

Advice for underclassmen: Don’t waste a day

Best high school memory: Making all of my shop projects

Dream job: Farm

Favorite book: “(Un)Qualified”

Favorite movie: Hot Rod

Favorite musician/band: For King and Country

Name: Brooke Nicholson

Nickname(s): Brookie, Cookie

Parents: Jeff and Tonya Nicholson

Future plans: To attend DMACC in Boone to get my associates in nursing, then get my BSN

Extracurricular activities: NHS, softball, wrestling managing, FRC SHY, FCA

Three words that describe me: Motivated, organized, happy

Favorite classes: Science, math

Advice for underclassmen: Don’t worry, be happy!

Best high school memory: When the bus started rolling away before the softball game, and I stopped it

Dream job: Registered nurse

Favorite book: “The Longest Ride”

Favorite movie: Pure Country

Favorite musician/band: Garth Brooks