by Brady Fagen

Hello, people of the world. I have never written a column in the class of journalism. I have recently gotten in trouble for not doing so, so here I am today writing one for you.

School is sometimes an awful place for kids my age! We have to deal with crabby teachers who assign literally truck loads of homework, school lunches that can barely feed the starving children in Ethiopia, and occasional gas leaks. Well, I guess the gas leaks aren’t so bad. If it weren’t for them we would not be able to go home early every now and then. Anyway, the following is why some of us do not like school:

This year is my junior year of high school. So far it is the absolute worst year of my high school career! I have not been getting the grades I would have liked to have gotten so far, and I cry myself to sleep every night because of it. No, I’m just kidding. I don’t do that. I’m not like the “try hards” that break down in tears if they miss one point on a test or an assignment. I’d be happy if I got a solid C+, honestly.

To add to that, I have classes that I really do not like. The teachers are just stressful as well as most of the assignments they give to us. I am not even kidding. Like really? They give me an assignment when I’ve already received a math assignment that’s a couple problems long!  What do they expect? How much worse could high school get?

Oh, I know. Let’s all read a pointless book that will mean nothing to us within the next couple of weeks. Teach us youngsters something useful like how to tie a fishing knot properly or how not to spend so much money on useless items like candy or fundraisers for the school.

On top of that I have to drag my tired booty out of bed somedays just to get to early band or wrestling on time. I literally can’t even function when I get there, so I just sit in the corner and cry because I’m so tired.

All of these are the reasons why I have decided to make my high school career fun. If you’re as stressed as I am, just goof around and be yourself. Do what you want. Live your life. Don’t live it by what your parents, or anybody else, want you to become. Make yourself happy before you make anyone else happy. Go out and explore the world and achieve greatness. I wish the best of luck to all of you! Peace out.

P.S. Just kidding! The teachers aren’t that crabby, school lunches are actually pretty good, especially the crispitos and chef salad, and what we learn is actually pretty useful.