by Taylor Burns

I am at complete writer’s block for this column. You’d think after writing these for four years, I would have it down by now, but here I am. Stuck.

I think I’m going to take a glance into the future. At this time of the year, seniors are required to look into the future about the school they’re going to next fall, financial aid opportunities to get us through the year, job applications and for some, future families (if you’re taking family living like me).

So let’s see if I have any of this figured out. Next year at this time, I will probably be in class at DMACC in Ankeny, which is where I plan to go in the fall. The only reason I wouldn’t be in class is if I had Fridays off, which would be glorious.

I do know I am living on campus in the Prairie Pointe apartments, which are way too nice and way too much for a freshman in college. I’m going to be living with four other girls, whom I don’t know yet, but we all have our own bedroom. In the bedrooms are our own bathroom and closet – and a pretty nice closet at that. Other parts of the apartment include the living room, which is already furnished, and a kitchen with two refrigerators and a washer and dryer, so I can definitely say I will be pretty lucky and spoiled next year.

Now the financial part of what’s to come is going to be a little tougher. I do have a job this summer at Gateway in Monroe where I lifeguard, and I also just applied at the YMCA in Newton, so let’s all cross our fingers I get that because I’ll need it. If I get that job, I think I would be able to transfer to the YMCA in Ames or Ankeny, so I would have a job during the school year with some sort of income. Even if it’s not a lot of money, a little will hopefully get me by. My apartment is kind of expensive, so I will definitely need some to pay for rent. Hopefully Mother and Father will help out, too.

As for the families, I think a beautiful family is in my future, but definitely not for a while, so don’t freak out, Mom.

I would say I’m not completely clueless about what my future plans are. I know where I’m going to school, how much money I will need to pay for school and housing, what job, and hopefully jobs, I’m going to have and what I’d like for a family in the far future. This is a big decision for seniors, and if you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, do not fret. It will be okay.

I am so excited to see what my future holds and everyone I am going to meet along the way.