Fantasy football takes over PCM


by Tyler Foster

A popular game among fans of the NFL: fantasy football. It’ a game where you and you friends come
up with a unique name for your own league and each select a roster of real-life NFL players. The selection is a lot like the NFL Draft, and in your league, you can have up to 16 teams.
The way your team is set up is with one quarterback, two running-backs, two wide-receivers, a tight end, a FLEX a running-back or wide-receiver, a team’s defense/special teams and, of course, a kicker. Based on how each of the players faired on your team, you get a certain amount of points, and whoever scores more wins the game.
Sophomore Ethan Thomas said, “I like to study players in the offseason by seeing who is going to be good this year, to give me an edge over my competitors.”
Many PCM students have their own league, and some get fairly intense about who can score more points with their team. Around the country, some leagues play for much higher stakes, such as if you finish in last place, you have to get a tattoo of the winner’s choice. Every week, students tune into games around the league seeing how their teams, or their opponents teams played.
Not everyone enjoys fantasy football. PCM Director of Operations Jeff Shannon said, “Fantasy football is an enormous waste of time, and my fantasy football team is annually the worst team ever created. The only reason I play is it gives me a chance to compete against some of my friends I wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk to or hang out with.”