SOTM: November 2014


Name: Mike Birkenholtz
Nicknames: Birk, Birky, Birkowitz
Parents: David and Elizabeth Birkenholtz
Employer: Midwest Renewable Biofuels
Future Plans: Undecided
Extracurricular activities: Baseball, FFA
Three words that describe me: Funny, crazy, stubborn
Favorite class: Farm business management
Advice for underclassmen: Learn from the past, live for the present, work for the future.
Best high school memory: Having my Buick catch on fire at the Casey’s gas pump.
Dream job: MLB closing pitcher
Favorite book: “Fahrenheit  451”
Favorite movie: Legends of the Fall
Favorite musician/band: Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon

Name: Luke Pendroy
Nickname: Lukey Bear
Parents: David and Cari Pendroy
Employer: Gateway Pool and Pendroy Builders
Future plans: Attend Iowa State University with an undecided major
Extracurricular activities: Football, National Honor Society Vice President, basketball
Three words that describe me: Tall, dark, handsome
Favorite classes: Spanish IV, American Government
Advice for underclassmen: Quit trying so hard to fit in; you’ll only talk to like three people from high school.
Best high school memory: My football career
Dream job: Astronaut
Favorite book: All of the Harry Potter books
Favorite movie: Lone Survivor
Favorite musician/band: Queen