New computers a possibility

by Brad McClellan

The PCM School District has the privilege of providing every student with a MacBook Air, but next year the deal with Apple expires. When the deal expires the school will be faced with the decision of renewing their contract with the MacBooks or negotiating a new deal with different computers. The school has been testing some new computers by issuing them to students for feedback.

One such student is junior Paige Wood. When asked what her favorite feature about her computer was, Wood said, “I like that my computer folds into a tablet with a touch screen; I love that feature.”  What didn’t she like about the computer she tested? Wood said, “It is slower than our MacBooks, it is not a MacBook, and you can only use apps for android or apps from Google.”

The MacBooks have allowed students here many more opportunities than they could have imagined, but it may be time to get new computers. Wood said, “I think that we should change from the Macs because Apple has discontinued the computer to the public, so they won’t update them anymore. I like my Mac, but I think our school should invest its money in a more long-term computer.”

The MacBooks have been used for the past three years, and the deal expires at the end of this year. The school might invest in new computers, but first they are testing which will be best for this school by using feedback from the students.